Monday, May 28, 2012

Why Scott Shelby Is going to be a STAR

Ok I'm gonna take a break for a few moments and share why I have such faith in this young man that I have only known for a very short time....

I could tell you about how all seems right with the universe when he sings, or how the stars seem to line up for him, I could tell you of the the struggles he has worked his way though to grow into the man he is today but all that is irrelevant when you hear him sing.....

The video below was of him warming up before his vocals were recored this past week in Nashville.... I'll be honest as he finished this song he smiled as I turned off the camera from recording as he asked if I liked it. I looked up with tears rolling down my face and could only say "yes".

When a person can evoke tears in man like myself, well thats a rare quality, If your honest you will admit there have been a song or two that you have cried when you heard it....

Alan Jackson - Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning 

Tim MaGraw - Live Like You Were Dying 
(after loosing my mother to Brest Cancer this song still kicks my ass)

Lee Greenwood - God bless the USA

Brad Paisley - When I Get Where I'm Going

Clay Walker - Where do I Fit In the Picture

Clay Walker - Chain of Love

Reba - If I Had Only Known

Reba - What Do You Say

Elvis - Kentucky Rain

Garth Brooks - The Dance

Ok, you get the point it takes the right song lyrics but its the vocal performance you can't forget... I could sing the songs above and you are gonna throw things at me, but with the right feel and texture in ones voice, it is truly as if heaven opens up and shines down on you. 

I know as humble as Scott is, he would have rather me not put him in the same article as these crazy talented people, but I know he has the same qualities in him as they have....Hopefully you will recognize it also. 

Now there is a good chance I have over-hyped Scotts performance on this video and you won't find is a emotional as I do but thats ok, I think you'll still enjoy it.

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