Monday, July 23, 2012

Colorado Shootings, Hugs & Mike Huckabee

Ok everyone else has a take on this horrible shooting and about gun control and when I am not so busy I will respond to the comments made by some, but not right now.

I just want to take a second and remind folks, as I do often on this page to go and tell your loved ones what they mean to you... you may not have that chance latter 

Go hug a loved one, I promise you be glad you did.

“Ultimately we don’t have crime problem or a gun problem or even a violence problem… What we have is a sin problem.

And since we’ve ordered GOD out of our schools and communities, the military and public conversations.

You know we really shouldn’t act so surprised when all HELL breaks loose.”

Spoken by Mike Huckabee, on his show last night

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jimmy Fallon Video Fun Call Me Maybe w Carly Rae Jepsen

How much fun is this .... So want to do this ....
It just makes me smile, hope it made you grin also

.... I think he has the life I was suppose to ....

Well that is if I had any TALENT ...

Me thinks I could ROCK that KAZOO or maybe the Triangle ....

Have a great  TUESDAY

Monday, July 2, 2012

Scott Shelby Part 4

Ok its time that I finish the story behind the 1st Scott Shelby trip considering I am sitting in The Tracking Room Studio as Scott is recording another set of five songs…ON THE SECOND SCOTT SHELBY TRIP
It truly seems like it was years ago now, even though it was only month ago, life really does move when your having fun….

Well the story goes we arrived in Nashville at five in the morning, talked our way into a single bed motel room, Matt and his fiancé took the bed, Scott offered me the couch but I, being the nice guy I am opted out and took the floor after all Scott was the talent.

After a few hours of sleep we awoke to the realization we REALLY were in Nashville, now we needed to make something happen.

After a few phone calls to those people who were friends of a friend, it quickly became apparent that folks talk a good game but really we didn’t have a inside track on anything!

I could feel an uneasiness in Scott, It was very apparent he wasn’t…. lets say confident, in what direction to go next…

Ok, where to go or what to do…. Well, we knew we wanted to get some songs of Scott’s recorded and for that we knew we needed to employ a studio…

How hard could it be, there are 37 recording studios in NASHVILLE, so…. What may be the most pivotal moment in getting Scott’s career started was left to GOOGLE….

Yep, that’s right Google, how crazy is that…. up until this point, Scott and I had just been killing time, not wanting to admit to each other what had just became painfully clear over a plate of ribs…This is nuts, we don’t know a sole, we drove 12 hours and have NO IDEA what to do… We are going to look like morons what ever we do, and no one wants to look stupid….


While sitting around a local Nashville hot spot, with BBQ sauce on my shirt, I said a prayer and typed in “Recording Studio” in Google on my iPhone…

… My New saying …”When in doubt, Google.”  You may feel free to use that line the next time your in a like situation.

The place that came up in the closest proximity was called the Tracking Room.

Now, I know not everyone believes, or has faith the same as I, but everyone does believe in a universal karma. I believe there was more to it then just the luck of Google, call it what you want but what, or maybe more importantly who we found at The Tracking Room was pretty dang special.

I guess we just expected where ever we went to have musicians and time to fit us in…. wrong, most studios only have open recording sessions once maybe twice a month, the rest of the time they are booked out to complete bands or groups, or set empty until the next time they have a big session.

Well the day we happened to roll into this studio, they just happened to be having a full day, (full day meaning they had all the needed musicians) they already were recording, 23 songs, Scotts five songs would be a new recorded number, and honestly more than they wanted to do…. With a little monetary encouragement we were able to have them agree to fit us in.

What a top notch bunch of people, they were great musicians, and the man in charge was Buddy Haytt, a very talented well known and perhaps more importantly very connected man around Nashville, who has worked with most of the industries greats.

I guess part of the reason why I think this deal is so special because of all the places we could have walked into, we could have literally walked in cold to all 37 studios in Nashville and not had anything happen, and hardly could have found someone who would devote the attention Scott needed.

About three fourths of the way though the day, while Scott was in the sound proof recording booth, Buddy and I had the following conversation.

Me “OK, he is doing this deal, he is going to cut these five songs, and we think this kid is really good, but you hear thousands each year…. So, I guess what I am asking is how does he compare, how good is he?

(Just like a livestock person wanting to evaluate his talent in a competitive manner.)

Buddy, “The kid is good, REAL GOOD! I see hundreds of folks come to Nashville to try to make a go of but, out of 3000, 300 may be able to stay in key and sing in tune and have the right pitch……. 100, out of those, might really have the work ethic to make it, of those who have the talent. Off those 100 maybe half have a “look” that Nashville can get behind… So far this kid is meeting all the qualifications!

Me, “Ok, well then what do we or can we do to assist him?

Buddy, “Well 1st off we need to get some more NASHVILLE type songs in his play list, not covers but real top notch songs that he can make his own, and if you guys are open for it, I would LOVE to work with you guys, helping this kid get the right songs and then get him up in front of the right people.

Well, I have stated I was just along to help, to get some behind the scene footage for the guys, and be a sounding board, and another set of eyes. The decision was Scott & Matts, and they were all up for any help they could get.

Well I said as I write this, I am in Nashville, back in the tracking room with Scott, Buddy and Matt as Scott records these, more Nashville type songs….They are quite a bit different than the Red Dirt / Americana / Texas Country, Scott has a love for. Buddy tells us, and we agree, they give another dynamic to Scotts portfolio… Email me or leave your email in the comments section & I will send you the songs to listen to (they are ruff, yet to be mix-mastered) … But the guys would love to have your feedback on them.

Its hard to bring this series of stories to a close… in part because all that happened in those 48 hrs, and all the sub-text stories that have transpired since ….but on our next installment I will try to bring it to a close

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sound Track to MY LIFE ...4th Of July

With all that goes along with the 4th of July, BBQ's back yard picnics and general good times I had to ad a song for the season on my life soundtrack...