Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day / Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day / Memorial Weekend

It hasn’t really been until the past six years that I had started taking part in the whole Americana experience that is this extended early summer party weekend.

I honestly never remember much ado about Memorial Day and all the festivities that go with it when I was younger… As a kid growing up on a working farm it was more time to work around the farm. Perhaps we may have taken some time to go and decorate a love ones grave.  At times over the years we could go enjoy a jackpot steer or pig show.

Families across the country make quite the ordeal out of this weekend, gathering for BBQ and fellowship…. I have at times went to, and got invited to these events, with a serious case of jitters thinking of all the work that could be getting done rather than sitting around eating, even years after production ceased at the home farm I would be at these functions thinking…. “If I was home I could be spreading manure” or “Today would be a good day to clean out that fence row we didn’t get to last fall.”

Perhaps is jealousy that all these people have the TIME to KILL…. Oh, I know that time with family is a great thing but what I am saying is shouldn’t we put more effort in to loved ones and family members EVERYDAY???? While there here on earth rather that covering there grave with flowers on Memorial Day or picking a few holidays to gather.

With that said shouldn’t everyday be Memorial Day, should we honor our love ones memory every day living our lives to the fullest, live a live filed with love and honor, and the greatest way to honor there memory; In service to others?

I see piles of folks out on motorcycles; I think bikers are the kings of the slackers… I know I will have at least one friend maybe two (Karen & Tom) who will give me grief over saying this but, I don’t get it…

I have a friend who, with some buddies just rode bikes all day, they will ride motorbikes all weekend, never going anywhere, not seeing really anything different than the last time they rode, just riding there motorcycles around. I see these folks and just want to ask….”Really? Don’t you have shit to do?” I guess it must be nice to be so simple minded that spending the summer holidays on a bike is all that it takes to curb or satisfy your minds desire. Some will say “Now B.S. Kevin, you just said you live your life to your fullest…. Didn’t you?”  Yes, I did say that but this looks more like a way to squander the precious time given to us, enough of my ranting.

As you enjoy your FREE day of fun and relaxation, please remember the reason behind it is to serve as time to give thanks to the Men & Women of the U.S. armed forces who gave their life in service to this country where you can squander a whole day… and your life if you chose.

Thank you for stopping by and God Bless

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