Monday, January 23, 2012

Roe vs Wade 39 years later...

39 years ago, yesterday ….On January 22, 1973 The U.S. Supreme Court announced its landmark decision in the Roe vs. Wade case. The Court deemed abortion a fundamental right under the United States Constitution.

Abortion was now legal.

This blog is one; even I can’t believe I am writing. …

When I started this blog it was more and still is just a little exercise in personal development. I just thought I need to take some of these partially grown Ideas in my head and put a little more thought in them and put them on paper and what the heck I would share them with whomever wanted to read… and if they gleamed something, great… if not, well hey, that’s ok also.

Odd how many folks have sent messages or spoke to me about it…. Thank You and to some of my other friends who just don’t understand, Well that’s ok too.

Believe me when I say I really have no hidden agenda here just thoughts on abortion and how I have perceived abortion.

First of let me say I always thought Abortion was one of the issues you had to be a extremist to care about… you know, either the hippie with the whole “its my body, I can do what I want”.


The religious zealot who had to march, picket, protest, or in really extreme situations, bomb clinics and terrorize both, patents and employees.

I certainly am neither way in my thinking, but I do believe now, you have to be someone who values life.

As I’ve gotten older, and once you seem to pass the age of 35 you understand we are not IMMORTAL. There is a time to live and a time to day as the bible says in Ecclesiastes 3 verses 1-15. The average life expectancy for a man in the US is around 70 years. at 35 one day you wake up and say …SHIT!!!!!!!!!! Then you realize your life is half over. At that time you, or least for myself I, begin to understand the meaning of life, and thus its value.

What you don’t know the meaning of life?…. Really? But is just so simple? ……OK …. For those of you who don’t know the meaning of life …I will share it’s simple, it’s not some complex mystery for scientists or philosophers to first figure out then tell us … The meaning of life is just TO LIVE IT.

Wow, that is quite ZEN, isn’t it?  

Nike may have missed this marking angle.

I digress …back to the topic at hand.

I vividly remember a conversation I had in my mid-twenties to some of my peers group as we discussed Abortion, now mind you this was not some hi-browed, hi-minded discussion as to the theory of life and the actions there in. NO, this was some half boozed up guys and a couple of slightly slutty girls with “daddy” issues who, may or may not have made poor judgment decisions later that evening. (They were dang sure the kind my friends & I hoped made poor choices). In this conversation I took the side that it was ok to terminate a pregnancy for any one of a whole number of reasons.

Honestly, at that time in my life the only reason I cared was if I or a buddy would have happened to have got a local girl knocked up, none of us were ready to settle down or were we able to support a child and its mother. ~ So much is morally wrong with this last statement ~ I know, I know.

Getting an Abortion was much better than having a unwanted pregnancy ruin our lives… other than that…. I did not care. Simple wasn’t it… If I made some poor choice to have intercourse with a girl and did not utilize birth control or it malfunctioned… Just have it “taken care of”

Boy what kind of a chicken shit, sorry excuses of a human being thinks that way?

Oh yeah, that’s right… That was my very own thought…. From about 10 to 12 years ago… how sad and how disappointed my mid-30ish self, is in my mid-20ish self….  

But I wasn’t alone in this thinking … and I bet ten’s of millions of folks think this way today. That’s evident by the average 1.3 million babies aborted each year.

Since 1973 estimated abortions numbers very depending on what sources a person uses… but its somewhere between 48 and 54 MILLION abortions have been performed in the last 39 years!

THIS NUMBER IS THE USA ALONE! The center for the bio ethical reform states that 48 million abortions happen world-wide each year.

The population of the US is 311 million as of middle of 2011

Think about this if those abortions would have not have happened we would be at over 361 million in this country, that means we would be 1/7th of our population.... If we killed / or murdered 1/7th of our population that would be the largest genocide in history…

The Nuremberg Tribunal estimates that approximately six million Jews were massacred in the Holocaust…

245,000 were killed in 1945 in the US attacks on Japan to end WWII and close to 5O million deaths were attributed to  WWII from all countries both military and civilians

Only 4,056 died in Chernobyl.

These are three of the most divesting acts where lives have been lost known to mankind in the 20th century but yet we perform 1.3 million abortions a year?

These abortions go un-noticed … when the crazy mother, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her children folks were ready to RIOT!

But each day in the US 3,700 abortions are performed and not a word is said…..

Going back to the percentage of 1 in 7 lives have been aborted … which 1 of your 7 family members had would you like to have never known….

Of your 14 closest friends or fellow work associates which 2 would you like to have never been born.

This fall Steve Jobs CEO of Apple passed, Steve revolutionized the Music industry though iTunes, the cellular commutations industry with the iPhone, and the computer industry with the MAC … Oh yeah how bout Pixar that has changed movies… What if his mother would have chose abortion?

Think about your favorite musicians & celebrities who have been born since abortion has became legal….

All of these have been born since legalized abortion

Image US pop culture without …..

Justin Beiber, GAGA, Mischa Barton, Jonah Hill, Dakota Fanning, Ellen Page, Katy Perry, LiL Kim, Zac Efron, The Jonas Brothers, Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightleny, Miley Cyrus, the entire cast of Harry Potter and the Twilight saga, Megan Fox, Abby Elliott, Michael Cera, Shia LaBeouf, Abigail Breslin, Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenburg, the cast of GLEE, Most of SNL, in fact most of primetime television…

That’s a crazy list but what would culture be like had any of those people’s parents would have chose abortion?

Just think about anyone born after Febuary 1973…. Maybe …Aaron Schock at the age of 30 is the youngest US senator from Illinois, and a Republican.

How about any one of the the 46 mayors of us cities under the age of 30??

Or what if your parents chose to abort you?

Or how about the Internet savvy folk like….

Mark Zuckerburg … No Facebook
Andrew Mason ….. No Groupon
Chad Hurley …. No YouTUBE
Matt Mullengweg … No Wordpress
Blake Ross …. No Mozilla
Naveen Selvadura … No 4 Square
Peter Cashmore … No Mashable
Aodhan Cullen…. No
(without these folks the web would be pretty boring)

How about Melody Swartz who is working on a process that would mimic the intercellular fluid that pulses though our tissues and with a little luck will find a way to replicate and GROW transplantable internal organs in a LAB!!!
 This may someday LEAD to a cure for cancer and other disease…

Of those aborted in the last 39 years, whom did we kill?
How many future doctors?
How many future missionaries?
How many future police and firemen?
How many inventors?
How many sons or daughters?
Grandsons or granddaughters?
How many husbands or wifes?
How many minds and souls to make this a better world were terminated?

Tim Tebow, talks in his book, about his parents trials … and last year filmed a PRO_ LIFE commercial because of it… And due to pressure CBS refused to run it.. Boy had Tim be aborted, the NFL would have been dull this year…

Again I’m not a extremist its just now as I watch some friends struggle with a Childs health or another not being able to conceive, its heart breaking where are society has gone.

But in the next sentence I can say I do understand certain reasons where it still may be necessary to terminate a pregnancy, for the health of the mother. 
I have the Tebow commercial sponsored by Focus on the Family and the response commercial sponsored by Planned Parenthood.

 The Planned Parenthood commercial has a line that’s goes

 “Only women can make the best decision about their health and there future”.

Great line, a hard to argue with line…


I question if some are making the right decision…..

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2011 year in REVIEW... NKOTB, CHARLIE & The Greek Economy!

Ok, We said goodbye to 2011 a few weeks ago … but what happed in 2011 ?

What did we really miss?

Yeah, THEY got Bin Laden, and Charlie became a Bitch’n Warlock that gave the word WINNING it's 15 minutes of fame 

Lions, Tigers, and Bears OH MY... They were roaming the land over by Zanesville, Ohio.

For me it was crazy, mad in my personal life… started in January and seems like its just now getting back to right since Christmas. 

Real tickled that some good friends got married......Kinda sad as a couple of others got divorced... Had a couple of special new babies show up in this world and had some friends lose parents... 

Be sure to check out the message at the end of the blog….

How bout the rest of the world?

Rupert Murdoch hacked phones.

Matthew McConaughey has got engaged to his long time girlfriend …. That’s it ladies you can stop waiting on him and now move on to the next best thing…. ME ;-) … I am waiting and available… 

I will be happy to play the Bongo drums for ya.
Tracy Morgan said ON STAGE he would stab his son if he were gay.  
Thats plenty harsh!

Christian Quarterbacks …Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, and Drew Brees made it ok, even cool to be a Christian athlete.

Check out the website

Ted Williams, posed as a homeless man on a Columbus exit ramp became a national story… He became the voice of the Caves and Kraft… then fell off the wagon and into the pile of cocaine he could now afford.

The Population has now reached 1.7 Billion

LeBron James is still a punk.

Quote of the year … SEAL Team 6  
“We got him

The Dalai Lama Quits!


Catholics saw the Beatification of John Paul II... what ever that means

Oprah Winfrey is gone …. Thank goodness..

Oprah Winfrey is back with a network that SHE OWN's ...... SHIT!

Some crazy guy predicted the end of the world, INCORECTLY……TWICE

Cardinal’s biggest comeback in MLB history… I was cheering for Texas, but I love an underdog.

A bad man person touched children and brought shame to a legend and legacy at Penn State.

Amanda Knox came home.

The first lady still is going sleeveless.

Mr. Donald Trump asked a simple question, Mr. President where were you born?  Seems simple enough to me… sure raised a stink… I remember in school we learned that was the 1st requirement to become president.

New Kids on the Block with Backstreet boys went on Tour…. Incase you missed the NKOTB craze the 1st time….

Melissa McCarthy won a Emmy.. You know the big girl from Mike & Molly…Finally a show about real people with actors who look like real people!

The iPad2 came out ….WOW it is WAY cool….

2011 marked the end of the Space Shuttle Program.

Occupy Wall Street Movement….. Yeah I STILL don’t understand

Congress raised the debt ceiling … not sure anyone understands what this means for now or long term.

Kentucky farm boy named Dakota Meyer was awarded the Medal of Honor for his rescue of 36 people… This makes me proud…check his story out.

Gabby Gifford lived despite a bullet penetrated the left side of HER BRAIN!!! Six others were killed.

Casey Anthony may have got away with murder….Yes that DID happen.

Ten Years later and we are starting to heal from the attacks on 9/11.

The last of US troops in Iraq came home.

The Solders, they could start telling, even if no one asked.

Protest & revolt in Tunisia, Yemen, Bahraini, and Syria.

Egypt gets a new president as Mubarak steps down. and we see just how much unrest the world has with our ally.

UN & US forces Seize Libya and Gadhafi is killed. Funny that we put him in power 20 years ago and now we take him out. 

The Killing of Gadhafi was a good thing to everyone BUT Fred Armisen, of Saturday Night Live. Fred’s likeness of him in SNL Skits was amazing!

Independence for Southern Sudan…. This was a big one. I want to go there.

Collapse of the Greek Economy.

Norway had a massacre at the hands at a 32-year-old psycho named Anders Breivik in his rage he took the lives of 69 people.

Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan, many towns gone and hundreds of thousands lost everything and in the USA all we worried about was a nuclear scare!

Seems like everyone had money issues, not just Joe everybody….but famous folks Burt Reynolds and Chris Tucker both BROKE … they could team up and do a movie together ….Think about it, that could be REALY FUNNY

The world of the famous and sort of famous.


1st to prepare for this blog I did some web-surfing….

Rebecca Black … ok I finally Google’d / YouTube’d her song "Friday"…. Your kidding me… that is awful … who thought this was ever good? It was 3 minutes of my life I want back…

Amy Winehouse SHOULD ‘A WENT TO REHAB, but she said NO, NO, NO… Yeah bad joke but hey its been made like 89,000 times already.

Me, I’ve came around to liking some folks I did not think I would … Katy Perry(I like her more knowing she is splitting from super creep Russell Brand) Lady Gaga… Still think she is way weird & don’t support most of her views, but I do love her talent.

Can still take or leave most of the rest; Beiber, Nicki, Beyonce, Rihanna.

Did really like Little Jon on Celebrity Apprentice.

How about Esperanza Spalding who beat all them crazy talented folk for the Grammy back this spring?  bet you forgot about her ....Still don’t think anyone knows who she is….

Super cool and oh so fresh!

ADELE… that little gal can frigging SING … can’t wait to see what’s next. Never would have thought I would have been a fan of some one so …bohemian 


I’m tired of both Robert Patterson AND Kristin Steward matters not if it’s Werewolves and Vampires or anything else I am over it.

Everybody Cut Everybody Cut …Cut Footloose … Sort of  happy this came back … Haven’t seen it but looking forward to it on DVD.

Hey they told me there was a new MUPPET movie … that is on the DVD list also...

Gosling & Stone, have became big stars… I like them.

Fast Five …. Best bunch of muscle heads with a great story but what happened to the production value of good film… swear I thought it was recorded on my iPad

Zooey Deschenel

Always have loved Zooey Deschenel since she played the sister in Almost Famous but as the NEW GIRL I don’t know if any else appreciates her Zany way and Quirkiness… Zooey & her husband split this year … guess he couldn’t appreciate her Zaniness either.... She kinda looks like someone I know...

Oliva Wilde 

Olivia Wilde … She looks like what a BIG star should look like…

FRIDAY NITE LIGHTS Its done and that sucks! … best thing on tv for the last few years… good plot, great characters we cared about, and a show that brought a great message that families could use to open discussion.

TV My new fav sitcom WHITNEY …. That is a smart and very funny comedy… lots can be funny but not many are really smart anymore follow her twitter feed… if you have a warped since of humor like I, you will enjoy.

It took 10 years and, ok I’m in on Survivor… the Voice and the X Factor… Sorry I don’t have time for anything else other that Idol … However Idol… you messed up, that Scotty kid was a punk and he fooled ya, I know this is wrong to say this but he just seemed fake to me….

Other Celebs
I think folks finally stopped giving a dang about Paris, Lindsey, Heidi & Spencer, Kate & her hair… Also to the list after a 72 day marriage, the Kardashians…. 

We hate Leann, Kat VON D, all of the BRAVO ‘Real Housewives” most of the past men on ABC’s The Bachelor.

We still want to like LaToya if for nothing more than her cowgirl bling.

This was bad year to fly … In April a Portland OR man was kicked off because he was TOO TALL really, well if Kevin Smith of Jay & Silent Bob fame can get kicked off for being fat… Well guess that’s ok … I know some folks who should not drive or reproduce because they are to STUPID.

One of those gay chicks from the L WORD got tossed for making out with another girl on the plane, some folks would pay extra to see that.

Jon Rich got tossed for being to DRUNK to fly … I don’t get this, that’s like being to drunk to fish… were they going to ask him to land the thing…

French Actor Gerard Depardieu Pee’ed in the isle … he might have been to drunk to fly ….

Billy Joe Armstrong  (GREEN DAY) was tossed off over saggy pants … Really? Wish this kept folks out of the MALL .....

Then the one gal who I am sure had daddy issues that was dressed like Co-ed hooker got tossed … her mini skirt was way to mini…

Alec Baldwin was tossed for being a ASS … That I think is funny I bet in person he would be a RAGING EGO MANIC!

Brooke Muller I don’t know why but she had poor judgment & was with Charlie Sheen… that might be enuff right there…

Everyone was having difficulty in there relationships Poor Kim K could only last 72 days …

JLO and Mark.

Austin & Demi. 

Big leaguer Derrick Jeter and Minka Kelly split after 3 years.

Elizabeth Hurley & her hubby split.

Jessica Simpson’s little sister, Ashley filed for divorce.

George Clooney broke up with his Italian beauty.

Milla Kunis broke up with her boyfriend since 2002… Get who it was …Macaulay Culkin… anyone else this is just weird?

Herman Cain could not get out of his own way …

The GoverNATOR was found out that he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

Strauss Kahn raped a hotel employee.

Mark Sanford - South Carolina Governor, had a year long affair and then ran off and hid…

John Ensign - a Nevada Senator had an affair with a staffer.

David Vitter – Louisiana Senator, Busted as a client of the D.C. Madam.

Kwame Kilpatrick – Detroit Mayor, caught in a relationship with a city official. TEXT MESSAGES will get you every time!!!

Barny Frank – Congressman, The 1st openly gay Congressman busted with a male prostitute.

Anthony Weiner – Congressman New York, Tweeted a photo of his penis by accident… Really how did you do that by accident? (He was trying to send it by text… those text’s will get you every time!)  WHAT a moron!

Chris Lee … Congressman, send naked photos to a STRANGER off of Craigslist! This country has elected some real SLOW-MOES

 Other things


Scientists cloned stem cells … may not have heard much about this but it’s important.

A Royal Wedding … not as cool as a real wedding …then again of the several REAL weddings I was at and or in, in 2011 … Not that cool …Depending on what happens with your date after the wedding… But Pippa sure is something.

Oh yeah, married couples are now a minority!

New York Legalizes same sex marriage

Kim after the cost of your wedding ….and the 72 days till the divorce well I think you lost some fans … Really she was famous cause she hung out with Paris and taped her self having sex with Ray J….

Now when you have a problem with your spouse, we have the marriage ref on TV!
Things I still don’t understand ...... Google+,  The occupy movement, Planking, Greek yogurt, or Gluten Free anything...

Those we said goodbye to … 

Odd that we care that celebrities died, when we should care about our loved ones who are alive…

Liz Taylor  79, In my mother’s generation she was the Julia Roberts or Megan Fox.

Ryan Dunn – 33 Younger than me….

Amy Winehouse - Should have been at the Betty Ford Clinic … Younger than me, 27 She was Quoted as saying she never wanted to do anything mediocre.  

Betty Ford - She died a few days before Amy Winehouse. 93 Laughable. 

Al Davis  - 82

Andy Rooney – He died with in a week of his final taping……92

Smoking Joe Frazier, Boxing World Champion. 67

Mike Welsh - Bassist for the band Weezer 40

Dan Wheldon - Indy car driver 33

Macho Man - Randy Savage, 58

Jane Russell, don’t know who she is? She was our grandfathers version of a Victora's Secret model. 89

No wonder Grandpa was always out at the barn!

Geraldine Ferraro … 1st woman to run on a presidential ticket, 75.

US military casualties 460

Jack Kevorkian - Dr. Death 83…wondered if anyone helped him?

Jani Lane - Lead singer Warrant  47

Clarence Clemons … The Black dude from the BOSS’s E Street Band.

Heavy D  -  Rapper 44

 Nate Dogg - R&B 41

Nick Ashford  of Ashford and Simpson singer “ Ain’t no Mountain High Enough” 70.
Peter Falk, Colombo. 83

Kim Jong IL Scary son-of-a-bitch

Jeff Conaway … Cast of Celebrity Rehab. 60

Andy Whitfield
Mike Starr – Bassist for Alice in changes 37 also on Celebrity rehab … might think that TV rehab is not the best choice.

Andy Whitfield.... Spartacus. 39 Close to my age...

Greg Halman Seattle Mariners 24

Harry Morgan …. AKA Col. Potter from MASH. 96

Cliff Robertson – actor 88

Patrice O’Neal, Comic … 41…. Close to my age.

Steve Jobs – He died shortly after he resigned from his company. 56

Ok that’s what happened this past year...

But you know what? 

None of these folks or their family really care about you or I. 

Well that may be harsh, I guess some of those folks or the families they hail from could be deeply caring folks… but have you ever notice we spend all kinds of time and energy on STUFF & folks that don’t matter in the big picture?

My dad would get so mad when I would blow off a nice fall Saturday afternoon to go to a college football game. He ask me once “Do you think those guys you’re watching give a rats ass if you fail or succeed?

Makes you think.

It does me.

Rather than spend time on “Celebrities” and reality TV perhaps we should spend more time on REAL LIFE.

I had some friends who lost some special people in their life this year and my question is this?

If you only have 60 minutes left to live, whom would you want to spend it with?

What would you want to be doing? 

Who would call and say I am sorry to?

Who would tell that you love them?

Who would you want to hug one last time? 

Ephesians 5:15-21 (NIV)

 15 Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. 17 Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas With Kevin...

December 23rd I Stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and held a little gathering of new friends from church for food, fellowship and authentic communication and a since of community ... I can not tell you how much time I spent on this... but now that I have hosted one I looked forward to hosting many others... & I can dang sure tell you what i learned to make it SOOO MUCH easier....I am no Rachel Ray or Ree Drummond AKA Pioneer Woman when it comes to hosting & cooking, but it was fun to step out of my element... I cooked my now "NOT SO FAMOUS" which was before my "SOMETIMES FAMOUS" Prime Rib ... I am so mad that I overcooked this gorgeous peice of meat, but with a Garlic Au-Jou I had to go with it everyone seemed ok with it ... That or they did not notice...or they have no idea what prime rib is suppose to look and taste like... (these were city folk for the most part) or they were really REALLY polite and just ate it.... (think that might have been the deal) Oh I might be a bit hard on the meat, it was tasty but not the "Cut with a fork" tender that it should have been... check out the picture, this loin was stamped CHOICE but was marbled perfectly for PRIME...

Gosh, a piece of cow like that..... OH MY, does it get any better

About 15 friends stopped buy though-out the night I really wish I would have done a better job getting pictures but... next time ..

Prime Rib with Garlic Au-jus and horseradish dressing and a berry salad. 

I like a glass of wine with friends, but I would never open a bottle at my house to drink by myself... But have like six bottles I was SO looking forward to my guest drinking up my stock pile.... well they drank some... but everyone seemed to bring a bottle of wine and I end up with two more in my inventory....

With a name like WOOP WOOP you just know it is could leave you with a HEADACHE.
Wine Inventory now EIGHT Bottles... 

Let me know if you would like to help lower that number..

Table cloths was something I had NEVER in my life though of before.... Thank goodness Walmart em'
Same way with plates and silverware... can't have plastic knives when you serve steak! 

Could I have taken a worse photo of three more attractive women?
Angie, Erica, & Kristin 
This was take moment before a totally Impromptu RAP session... Greatest hits of like 1989, Vanilla Ice and Fresh Prince & MARKEY MARK... these ladies have some mad lyrical stylings....

Some Picture-nary allowed for a fun night... Jay here was not on my team but had a tough time...

His word was MAN HOLE .... he just could not think of a way to convey his message... 

Word my partner Darrell drew, was PG but he used a rated R drawing 
Yep, the winning word for my church group was HUMPING... thats funny to me.. 
Oh YEAH my team won!