Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Important information about SCOTT SHELBY

The Scott Shelby Story Part 2 will post tonight.

But before we get there let me share this now...and may I clarify, I in no way speak officially on Scotts behalf. 

Scott and I have joked that I could be the president of his fan club, if anyone votes for me......LOL.

I was honored to be asked, and be a part of what I'll call history in the making! I am a big fan of this young man and his talents.

With that said, I have had several text msgs, and Facebook msgs. asking if it would be ok to share my blog posts or his videos and the like. 

I said in Scott Shelby Part 1, that Scott was going to be a big star but would need your help! 
By help I'll ask if you like any of this stuff share it, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Tweets, please share it!!! 

He has a billboard in Nashville, Tennessee  no one is trying to keep his talent a secret.

In to todays social media driven world, one video post going viral to a million people and the next day your a household name....don't believe me? check out Rebecca Black and her "Friday" video that went viral. 

While I don't know anyone in the radio station game, I bet I l know some who does and if that person forwards Scotts story on and they that person likes his music and wants to give his music a try on the air, that might just be the break he needs. 

With all that said, please go to www.scottshelby.com and sign up for his fan page to keep up with the latest happenings and info about upcoming shows 

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