Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Scott Shelby Story Part 3

2:06 AM somewhere on a exit ramp in one of those “fly-over states” on our way to Music City, Scott pulls over and informs me that I have to drive, that he has been up and going since 4:00 AM and just needs a break…. I’m can’t believe he hasn’t wanted to switch-off before this, I would think I would have wanted all the sleep I could get if I was going to be in Nashville looking to become a star the next morning……
Sounds pretty far-fetched don’t ya think? …Kind of plum crazy…. We don’t know a single soul in Nashville; well there were some friends of a friend’s sort of a deal, but nothing concrete, and when I called a really good friend to get a telephone number for a someone who might have a contact who may help us…..

Well, he laughed his butt off at me,…us,… The whole trip….

I’ll be honest, and I bet Scott would agree… We both might have been thinking….”What are we doing?…How crazy is this?....Don’t know a soul, and we are one of literally tens of thousands of folks who show up in Nashville each year to a dream…. And maybe 1 out of 10,000 get a real chance to break out in the game.
Now we don’t dare say it, we know there is absolutely no place for even a hint of negativity …. Everything about this trip was and had to be positive, when you roll with our friend Matt you can't help but to stay positive !

Nashville is a town where the guy or gal who seats you at the restaurant maybe the next Faith Hill, or Keith Urban…. That the guy who is sitting next to you while at lunch might living off his song royalties of his top twenty hit for Clint Black from 1998 …

(last spring my girlfriend at the time & I was eating at Jimmy Buffets and I am pretty sure I was sitting next to Craig Morgan “Redneck Yacht Club”)

Everyone is just so crazy talented…. And here we are…. We are farm kids from no where Texas, Iowa, and Ohio…. And were going to Nashville to make Scott Shelby a STAR!

Really is funny, now that I think about it…. Hilarious…. I don’t blame my friend for laughing at me…. If the roles were reversed, I might have hung up thinking he was in need of medication and was delusional.

Now really we did not expect to have the mayor with the key to the city, nor a ticker tape parade welcoming us as we arrived, sure would have been nice however…

Perhaps the reason the trip was so successful is we didn’t know or pay any attention to the fact what we were dong was so far fetched.

Well as I was driving, I expected Scott to take a nap and get some rest…. NOT SO… This guy got more amped when I started driving… We talked about all the songs he has wrote, and he started playing some he had on recorded at his apartment on his guitar and his wall-mart laptop, and honestly the more songs he played the better the stuff got…. I mean I had heard him play about 10 times & guessed I had heard all the stuff that he had wrote that was any good…

WRONG… then He played me Rule #1 I would hope my excitement and my encouragement  for the song was part of the reason he recorded it…

Ok, if you know me, you can picture me bouncing like a kid waiting in line to see Ole’ St. Nick at the Ben Franklin on Black Friday…. I am up in his ear, tweaking,
“Scott, you just gotta do this song….. Ya gotta, please man, I love this song, you really just have to do it…Please do it… I love this song, ya gotta do this song.....

Scott may have chose that as one of his five songs to record so I would shut up but it is pretty easy my favorite song that he recorded in Nashville… I am so excited to hear the final mix when it hits on iTunes….

Just for the record…. I really expect that in about five years when he sits down to do his interview with Barbara Walters as one of 2017 most fascinating people, he says something like

“Well Miss Barbara, I really owe a lot to my dear friend Kevin Mears, he just stayed on me to cut Rule #1 which was the original name of - Fall in Love  - as a single…. That song stayed number one on the Billboard Country charts for a record 76 weeks…. and from that song came the concept for the movie that Channing Tatum stared in where he won his Oscar. Which let to the line of western clothing, the restaurant chain, fragrance line, The NASCAR team, the Friday Nite Varity show that airs weekly on Fox the and untimely enabled me to purchase the NFL franchise of the Dallas Cowboys.”

----Ok, that may be delusional but if your going to dream… DREAM BIG! ----

Matt and his fiancé are pretty private folks, and I know really would rather me not talk much about them but…when Matt believes in something, he might be the most passionate and determined guy I have ever been around. Matt’s belief that you make your own luck in this world is proved in his own business, and as we traveled he muti-tasked between keeping five crews on the road with his semen company, brainstormed ideals with Scott and I, he networked with our web designer, and bonded with his fiancée’ Michele Thorpe, and talked about her new venture into fashion retail sales… again this group of farm kids have some pretty diverse interests.

I drove for a few hours, but it really only seemed like twenty minuets, listening to Scott talk about his past and music really is a very interesting story but I let CMT tell that story when the time comes.

I will continue the story with the inside scoop on how things transpired behind the scenes in Nashville in Scott Shelby Part 4

 Tonight the music video will post on youtube for Young and Invincible 

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