Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day

Just a quick little post on the fact that today is LEAP YEAR DAY… I think thats what you call it, but if not, I am stick with it.

Every four years we get a extra day, a day to do what ever we want with, but I noticed no one is very excited about it…..

You would think as excited as folks get when the clock falls back and everyone gets that extra hour of sleep for daylight savings time, folks would be dancing a Jig for a whole extra day…


Who celebrates February 29th for their birthday? As a kid I use to think this would be just awful, that you would only get to have a birthday party once every 4 years.

The closer I get to 40, I really kind of like the idea… However I guess you would still age at the same rate….

Do you know what the call children born on February 29th?

Leap Day Babies…

I would have thought it would have been, Leap Year Babies but on the web site dedicated to children born on this day.  Yes, there is a website, heck probably multiple websites then some Facebook pages and groups, oh and I wager we have countless blogs, and I am just sure we have a twitter feed all dedicated to this rarest of days.

Well some of the folks who were born on the 29th includes;

Ja Rule                      Rapper
Antonio Sabato Jr.   Actor
Tony Robbins          Motivational Speaker
Jack Lousma            Astronaut
Dinah Shore             Actress and TV personality…..however  she is most notable for my generation 
                                 and younger as her name is used to rhyme with Menorah in Adam Sandlers  Hanukkah song.

There might be something to this ageing thing; all of those look incredible for their ages…..Well Dinah is dead, but she looked good right up until the end.

I use to tease and aggravate an ex-girlfriend much to my enjoyment and her dismay,  that her birthday was on February 29th and that I was off the hook for getting her any gifts…

Oh I knew that wasn’t her birthday, then I would say 
It’s ok honey, I know your birthday is the 28th
 The problem with this was, it wasn’t the 28th  .... but it was really on the 26th of the month, I share this with folks so you know that even someone as brilliant as myself can have some real…. SLOW…. Moments

Sure hope folks took that last line about be being brilliant, in the, tongue-in-cheek way it was meant.

I always thought for us guys, that proposing on or getting marred on Leap Year Day would be ideal, this way when we inevitably forget to do something special to remember that day, at least 3 out of the 4 years we could say it wasn’t our fault.

Notable events on this day in history…I would have thought something big might
have happened on the 29th of February at some point in the past… Not so much.

1972            Hank Aaron is the 1st baseball player to sign for $200,000 
1968            Beatles win a Grammy for “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Harts Club”
1960            The 1st Playboy club opened up in Chicago…
1940            “Gone with the Wind” wins 8 Oscars
What happened today that you will remember?


Sometimes uneventful days are ok, even hoped for.

However today is a FREE day, it’s an EXTRA day… Don’t you think you should do something special with it?

Start a hobby

Give up a bad habit

Turn off the TV and pick up that book you’ve been eyeing

Sign up for that class you’ve wanted to take

Or perhaps it could be simpler....

You could….
Sit in silence, and reflect on where your life is at.

Phone that friend who’s been in your thoughts

Tell someone, you Love them.
(Even if your sure they already know it)

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