Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lets go to the store

Grocery stores

For lots of reasons I love strolling around a grocery store… mainly I guess it combines my love of marketing, advertising and agriculture all in one place. I love seeing how manufactures design packaging,  how a retailer sets up a store with product placement, and how, what I call short trip items are showcased… I would define short trip products as fruit, vegetables, dairy products but mostly meat importantly meat in the case…. I grew up showing cattle and as a kid I wanted to know as much about my project from conception all the way to consumption.

In high school the Beef Check Off program was really hitting its stride from advertising, and distributing information about not only cuts of beef but also the health benefits red meat protein offered….

I still am an advocate for the beef industry and watch, read, listen intently to anyone in the media who seems to slant animal agriculture in a negative light… I spend way to much time checking Twitter for the newest info ……I think every one in Ag must be vigilant in telling “OUR” story….Now I wont say everything is perfect and that we can’t improve on feeding, handling, housing, and harvesting our product… but the media seems to target animal ag a lot and it really burns me when our media  focus in on something negative in our industry.

The media seems to sensationalize every story to get the most bang for their buck… but that is for a another blog…

I want to get back to TODAYS topic… Grocery stores

I just love, when I have time checking out a specialty story like Jungle Jims down in Cincinnati, or those upscale retailers like Whole Foods or locally, The Dixie Market. I really think it drove my ex-girlfriend CRAZY that I would or could spend so much time in a grocery store… I think she kind of got it, but bless her heart… I think once or twice and she was over it….

What struck me to write this blog is how much difference I noticed today from a store in Ohio to the store I was in here in Iowa…. The basic lay out was somewhat the same but the check-out lines were short, and the cashiers unpacked you cart… Can’t really describe it… and the crazy thing is they have bag GIRLS who still take your groceries out to your car… when was the last time someone offered to help you with your groceries out to your vehicle?

And below I have posted some pics of the meat department…

How cool is this, looks like something out of photo from the 70’s.

And how bout this….. they still cut the meat out where everyone can see it… we need more transparency in our food purchasing...

I know this blog is a little different… again no real reason what triggers or inspires me to write one on a certain topic… it just comes to me

Thanks for stopping by….

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