Friday, March 9, 2012

Coming Attractions

Working of several new blog posts ... a few of the best I've done.... 

However after going to the movies a few weeks ago, and after seeing  commercials for upcoming summer block busters, I thought; 
"That’s what I need to do, Duh I am a marketing guy, I should know to build some anticipation with those who read my blog"
So.... Here is a sneak peek of coming attractions.

Imagine this is being spoke in a big, booming, deep voice like you would hear in the movie theater…

"Coming soon to”


"He thought it was just another trip to a Livestock Show, only difference was, this time, there was a girl along for the ride….But she had a secret."

"To her, it was a chance to let loose and get a way from that sleepy, small town that most folks never notice as they drive through it on their way to someplace else, someplace exciting”

“Little did either one know, that would change their lives forever…. And the fate of the world would be in there hands”

Now we cut to a preview of blog.

Scene 1

Let me tell you about “April” April was just amazing, so beautiful….So far out of my league…  April had BIG, BIG hair… you know, Texas Hair, that really does not do it justice, more like “Texas Rodeo Queen” wearing white chaps and signing autographs and taking photos with fans at the at the Mall in Dallas, BIG hair…"

Scene 2

She and I were taking a nice stroll along the Riverwalk… one I had hoped might be romantic… a nice dinner, a nice walk along the river on a beautiful night, some stirring conversation between her & I… But what happened was far from what I had envisioned in my mind….

Back to the Announcer voice

“Coming this Month on”

I should note that the balance of the world really wasn’t in our hands but it sounds exciting… if this was twitter the hashtag would be #truthinadvertising

"Also Coming This Month"

“The Obituary”

Have you examined your life or will you let the autopsy discover your cause of death?

She had really died years before the accident. Well, she was still breathing but she had stopped really living. She might as well crossed the centerline years earlier.
When you examine her life, its hard to tell what one thing had set events in motion that got her where she was the last few years. Sometimes people just quit, quit living, quite loving, quite caring, planning, and sadly, stop dreaming…

Back to the Announcer voice

“Coming this Month on”

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