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Roe vs Wade 39 years later...

39 years ago, yesterday ….On January 22, 1973 The U.S. Supreme Court announced its landmark decision in the Roe vs. Wade case. The Court deemed abortion a fundamental right under the United States Constitution.

Abortion was now legal.

This blog is one; even I can’t believe I am writing. …

When I started this blog it was more and still is just a little exercise in personal development. I just thought I need to take some of these partially grown Ideas in my head and put a little more thought in them and put them on paper and what the heck I would share them with whomever wanted to read… and if they gleamed something, great… if not, well hey, that’s ok also.

Odd how many folks have sent messages or spoke to me about it…. Thank You and to some of my other friends who just don’t understand, Well that’s ok too.

Believe me when I say I really have no hidden agenda here just thoughts on abortion and how I have perceived abortion.

First of let me say I always thought Abortion was one of the issues you had to be a extremist to care about… you know, either the hippie with the whole “its my body, I can do what I want”.


The religious zealot who had to march, picket, protest, or in really extreme situations, bomb clinics and terrorize both, patents and employees.

I certainly am neither way in my thinking, but I do believe now, you have to be someone who values life.

As I’ve gotten older, and once you seem to pass the age of 35 you understand we are not IMMORTAL. There is a time to live and a time to day as the bible says in Ecclesiastes 3 verses 1-15. The average life expectancy for a man in the US is around 70 years. at 35 one day you wake up and say …SHIT!!!!!!!!!! Then you realize your life is half over. At that time you, or least for myself I, begin to understand the meaning of life, and thus its value.

What you don’t know the meaning of life?…. Really? But is just so simple? ……OK …. For those of you who don’t know the meaning of life …I will share it’s simple, it’s not some complex mystery for scientists or philosophers to first figure out then tell us … The meaning of life is just TO LIVE IT.

Wow, that is quite ZEN, isn’t it?  

Nike may have missed this marking angle.

I digress …back to the topic at hand.

I vividly remember a conversation I had in my mid-twenties to some of my peers group as we discussed Abortion, now mind you this was not some hi-browed, hi-minded discussion as to the theory of life and the actions there in. NO, this was some half boozed up guys and a couple of slightly slutty girls with “daddy” issues who, may or may not have made poor judgment decisions later that evening. (They were dang sure the kind my friends & I hoped made poor choices). In this conversation I took the side that it was ok to terminate a pregnancy for any one of a whole number of reasons.

Honestly, at that time in my life the only reason I cared was if I or a buddy would have happened to have got a local girl knocked up, none of us were ready to settle down or were we able to support a child and its mother. ~ So much is morally wrong with this last statement ~ I know, I know.

Getting an Abortion was much better than having a unwanted pregnancy ruin our lives… other than that…. I did not care. Simple wasn’t it… If I made some poor choice to have intercourse with a girl and did not utilize birth control or it malfunctioned… Just have it “taken care of”

Boy what kind of a chicken shit, sorry excuses of a human being thinks that way?

Oh yeah, that’s right… That was my very own thought…. From about 10 to 12 years ago… how sad and how disappointed my mid-30ish self, is in my mid-20ish self….  

But I wasn’t alone in this thinking … and I bet ten’s of millions of folks think this way today. That’s evident by the average 1.3 million babies aborted each year.

Since 1973 estimated abortions numbers very depending on what sources a person uses… but its somewhere between 48 and 54 MILLION abortions have been performed in the last 39 years!

THIS NUMBER IS THE USA ALONE! The center for the bio ethical reform states that 48 million abortions happen world-wide each year.

The population of the US is 311 million as of middle of 2011

Think about this if those abortions would have not have happened we would be at over 361 million in this country, that means we would be 1/7th of our population.... If we killed / or murdered 1/7th of our population that would be the largest genocide in history…

The Nuremberg Tribunal estimates that approximately six million Jews were massacred in the Holocaust…

245,000 were killed in 1945 in the US attacks on Japan to end WWII and close to 5O million deaths were attributed to  WWII from all countries both military and civilians

Only 4,056 died in Chernobyl.

These are three of the most divesting acts where lives have been lost known to mankind in the 20th century but yet we perform 1.3 million abortions a year?

These abortions go un-noticed … when the crazy mother, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her children folks were ready to RIOT!

But each day in the US 3,700 abortions are performed and not a word is said…..

Going back to the percentage of 1 in 7 lives have been aborted … which 1 of your 7 family members had would you like to have never known….

Of your 14 closest friends or fellow work associates which 2 would you like to have never been born.

This fall Steve Jobs CEO of Apple passed, Steve revolutionized the Music industry though iTunes, the cellular commutations industry with the iPhone, and the computer industry with the MAC … Oh yeah how bout Pixar that has changed movies… What if his mother would have chose abortion?

Think about your favorite musicians & celebrities who have been born since abortion has became legal….

All of these have been born since legalized abortion

Image US pop culture without …..

Justin Beiber, GAGA, Mischa Barton, Jonah Hill, Dakota Fanning, Ellen Page, Katy Perry, LiL Kim, Zac Efron, The Jonas Brothers, Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightleny, Miley Cyrus, the entire cast of Harry Potter and the Twilight saga, Megan Fox, Abby Elliott, Michael Cera, Shia LaBeouf, Abigail Breslin, Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenburg, the cast of GLEE, Most of SNL, in fact most of primetime television…

That’s a crazy list but what would culture be like had any of those people’s parents would have chose abortion?

Just think about anyone born after Febuary 1973…. Maybe …Aaron Schock at the age of 30 is the youngest US senator from Illinois, and a Republican.

How about any one of the the 46 mayors of us cities under the age of 30??

Or what if your parents chose to abort you?

Or how about the Internet savvy folk like….

Mark Zuckerburg … No Facebook
Andrew Mason ….. No Groupon
Chad Hurley …. No YouTUBE
Matt Mullengweg … No Wordpress
Blake Ross …. No Mozilla
Naveen Selvadura … No 4 Square
Peter Cashmore … No Mashable
Aodhan Cullen…. No
(without these folks the web would be pretty boring)

How about Melody Swartz who is working on a process that would mimic the intercellular fluid that pulses though our tissues and with a little luck will find a way to replicate and GROW transplantable internal organs in a LAB!!!
 This may someday LEAD to a cure for cancer and other disease…

Of those aborted in the last 39 years, whom did we kill?
How many future doctors?
How many future missionaries?
How many future police and firemen?
How many inventors?
How many sons or daughters?
Grandsons or granddaughters?
How many husbands or wifes?
How many minds and souls to make this a better world were terminated?

Tim Tebow, talks in his book, about his parents trials … and last year filmed a PRO_ LIFE commercial because of it… And due to pressure CBS refused to run it.. Boy had Tim be aborted, the NFL would have been dull this year…

Again I’m not a extremist its just now as I watch some friends struggle with a Childs health or another not being able to conceive, its heart breaking where are society has gone.

But in the next sentence I can say I do understand certain reasons where it still may be necessary to terminate a pregnancy, for the health of the mother. 
I have the Tebow commercial sponsored by Focus on the Family and the response commercial sponsored by Planned Parenthood.

 The Planned Parenthood commercial has a line that’s goes

 “Only women can make the best decision about their health and there future”.

Great line, a hard to argue with line…


I question if some are making the right decision…..

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  1. This happens to be a very sensitive issue for me and I tend to have heated discussions about it depending on the opinions of the other party. It caught my attention immediately that you used the word babies,"That’s evident by the average 1.3 million babies aborted each year", instead of fetus or any of the other words people substitute to make abortion feel less inhumane and more like a right. How is it one human life has a right to something, but another doesn't? As a woman, I have a right to sleep around, get pregnant, and kill the baby because it would seriously impede my ability to have fun. Yet, said baby doesn't have a right to live and breathe. Babies are a blessing and a gift from God, they aren't inconvenient and they most certainly aren't disposable. Maybe if these women could understood how much love and joy that child brings to their lives...