Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas With Kevin...

December 23rd I Stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and held a little gathering of new friends from church for food, fellowship and authentic communication and a since of community ... I can not tell you how much time I spent on this... but now that I have hosted one I looked forward to hosting many others... & I can dang sure tell you what i learned to make it SOOO MUCH easier....I am no Rachel Ray or Ree Drummond AKA Pioneer Woman when it comes to hosting & cooking, but it was fun to step out of my element... I cooked my now "NOT SO FAMOUS" which was before my "SOMETIMES FAMOUS" Prime Rib ... I am so mad that I overcooked this gorgeous peice of meat, but with a Garlic Au-Jou I had to go with it everyone seemed ok with it ... That or they did not notice...or they have no idea what prime rib is suppose to look and taste like... (these were city folk for the most part) or they were really REALLY polite and just ate it.... (think that might have been the deal) Oh I might be a bit hard on the meat, it was tasty but not the "Cut with a fork" tender that it should have been... check out the picture, this loin was stamped CHOICE but was marbled perfectly for PRIME...

Gosh, a piece of cow like that..... OH MY, does it get any better

About 15 friends stopped buy though-out the night I really wish I would have done a better job getting pictures but... next time ..

Prime Rib with Garlic Au-jus and horseradish dressing and a berry salad. 

I like a glass of wine with friends, but I would never open a bottle at my house to drink by myself... But have like six bottles I was SO looking forward to my guest drinking up my stock pile.... well they drank some... but everyone seemed to bring a bottle of wine and I end up with two more in my inventory....

With a name like WOOP WOOP you just know it is could leave you with a HEADACHE.
Wine Inventory now EIGHT Bottles... 

Let me know if you would like to help lower that number..

Table cloths was something I had NEVER in my life though of before.... Thank goodness Walmart em'
Same way with plates and silverware... can't have plastic knives when you serve steak! 

Could I have taken a worse photo of three more attractive women?
Angie, Erica, & Kristin 
This was take moment before a totally Impromptu RAP session... Greatest hits of like 1989, Vanilla Ice and Fresh Prince & MARKEY MARK... these ladies have some mad lyrical stylings....

Some Picture-nary allowed for a fun night... Jay here was not on my team but had a tough time...

His word was MAN HOLE .... he just could not think of a way to convey his message... 

Word my partner Darrell drew, was PG but he used a rated R drawing 
Yep, the winning word for my church group was HUMPING... thats funny to me.. 
Oh YEAH my team won! 

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! happy new year! if you get a chance stop by our blog.