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9/11 Faith, Hope, &......... Love?..... Part III

NINE 11 …. Faith, Hope and………………LOVE?

The one lesson we learned but flat out forgot after 9/11 is Love…

Well not everyone but I sure seem to be seeing plenty who have forgot and I’ve been guiltily of it…

You’ve gleamed on your own that this series was born from the line of Alan Jackson song about the few things that god gave us….1 Cornthinins 13:13 And now these three remain: faith hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love…… THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE.

We have been blessed with all kinds of love to experience, love for thy fellow man, family and romantic love, and Gods love.

I don’t know what line in Jackson’s song that gets to others and makes others break down, but I know which line gets me…  “Did you just stay home and cling tight to your family thank god you had somebody to love…”

In the six to nine months after the events of 9/11, evening news shows, Dateline, 60 Minutes and others were running programs about how much love the Big Apple and the rest of the country was experiencing.  Stories about how many couples had ran to the alter and committed to one another in marriage. Now these couples all stated in the interviews that they believed they would have eventfully got married in due time but after the events of 9/11 they were no longer willing to wait for that “somebody to love”.  The events shocked their systems to get busy living because if the events on 9/11 could happen…..anything could happen.

The applications for marriage licenses in New York State were up 3 times from what they were the year before. That and in the nine to ten months following 9/11 there was some very crowded delivery rooms across the country as 9/11 spurred a baby boom.

We can get into a lull in life, we just slip into complacency… wherever we are seems fine and that’s where we stay because change is scary, mankind in can get lazy. We have all these THINGS that make our life easy, it started with the automobile and the toaster, then the TV remote control, the microwave, the mobile phone. Life is way easier now than thirty years ago in the 1980’s and we have got lazy. These items, which make our lives easier so, we may do more living … I think with them we are actually doing less.   Are you living life to its fullest?

Its scary just how little we have to do at our actual jobs compared to the manual labor our parents had to do…and if you don’t want to have a job, well unemployment and government seems to content cover ya..

(Don’t hate me…I know certain government programs are needed and are fine when not abused, I am all about the “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” idea of helping your fellow man when he can’t help himself.)

After the shock to our world due to the events on 9/11 it was like the whole country woke up and got busy living.  However since that day ten years ago I think we have slumped back into that lull.

What do you think? Are you living a full life? You know there are no “Do over’s” this is it. You only get one time around. When you lay your head down tonight this day is OVER! You will never get it back, its gone 24 precious hours each made up of sixty golden minutes. What did you do today?

I am so filled with joy when I hear the stories of the folks who lost loved ones the day of 9/11 that got to say good goodbye to their loved ones by phone that day … they got the opportunity to say goodbye and say “I love you” to those special loved ones….

Who, if they drew their last breath today, would you feel remised not getting the chance to tell them you love them?

When cancer took my mother, my father and I crouched by her bed when she passed, we got to hold her in our arms and we got to tell each other we loved each other one last time… typing this tears are rolling off my cheeks and as painful as it was watching her pass and as fresh as that memory is 6 years later I just don’t know if I could have bared has she passed and I not been there and we had that opportunity to tell each other our feelings in those final moments.

1987 as a High School freshman I was able to attend National FFA convention what a impact moment, what memories I have from that trip but the memory that stays burnt in my mind is the three students from Melba, Idaho who never made it home from convention, who perished when the plane they were on, Continental flight 1713 crashed outside of Denver Co.

The memorial service had a fellow FFA member recited a poem that has stayed with me all those years, while I do not know if I remember it exactly right, I think its close enough to get help deliver my point

Please tell me why
Why do we wait?
Why do hesitate to be real
With those who Love
Until it’s to late
Please tell me why
Why do we wait?

I sure have been guilty of wasting more than one beautiful day being lazy and bumming … I am penning this blog as much for my own growth and to remind me of these things more that any one else’s.

I have had people my life where are relationships have dissolved because of not saying what we feel. I would like to repair relationships in my life and family.  So don’t think I am pointing any fingers….

“Did you hold tight to your family?” This next part may hit just a little to close to some friends who read this but…. This summer I have seen several friends really face challenges and struggles with marriages and family lives. My parents were split up from the time I was eleven till after I was home from college. A very odd and rare situation that someday I may open up about on this blog, but for now understand my childhood was ….well…dysfunctional. Which, this is why it really upsets me to hear of families divorcing or talking of divorce. In every instance it was for one reason, lack of communication.

Because they quit communicating with a spouse and as humans we are wired to and have a need for connection with other people. The husband or wife starts conversations with a member of the oppose sex outside the marriage and then start thinking …Oh this person “GETS ME”…. Why doesn’t my spouse “GET ME” anymore?  Do I still love this person? Did I ever love this person? Is this the person and how I want spend the rest of my life? Am I happy? Is there something better out there for me? ……. is the grass greener over there?….. I have never met a married couple of any length of time that has not told me that MARRIGE IS WORK… and a lot of work… and some of those make it look so very easy.

One married couple I have idolized for years split this summer after 37 years of marriage. The kids are grown and are great people doing positive things in the world. The couple has worked together building a family farming operation since day one of the marriage. All I can ask is why?  My dream was to live the life they exhibited, a man and woman working side-by-side building something for their family. Bringing up a family in rural American doing what they loved.

Maybe my thought that the 9/11 lesson of love has been forgotten might be a little off base but it sure seems to me that folks are a little quicker to quit and walk away than they were that fall of 2001.  

It seems to me for the bad stuff that happened on 9/11 it did reminded us just how very precious life is and should not to take it for granted…

I wished more folks would remember this…

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Next Blog …. Fair Oaks Dairy or Post-it-Note Prayers..

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